About McPhee & Associates

Founded in 1983 by Lloyd and Diane McPhee, McPhee & Associates has been serving the Managed Care Industry for over 40 years. Under the leadership of Diane McPhee, we have grown and thrived, becoming a trusted name in managed care.

Located in Southern California, McPhee & Associates services many health systems, HMOs, hospitals, medical groups, IPAs and ACOs for reinsurance, capitation/provider stop-loss, errors & omissions, director & officers, employment practices liability and cyber Insurance. References can be supplied upon request.

We have long-standing relationships with the specialized carriers and have access to all markets.

McPhee’s Staffing & Services for Your Account

An account executive is specifically assigned to you as a facilitator to ensure that responsibilities are met, such as:

  • Assessment of risk
  • Marketing to insurers/reinsurers and negotiating for the best program for the Insured
  • Present proposals and discuss with the client the options and how the coverage applies
  • Arrange and lead an installation meeting, once coverage is purchased, to discuss the coverage, terms, and responsibilities of the appropriate client personnel as required by the policy

A Claims Manager whose responsibilities include working directly with the client’s personnel to make certain stop-loss contract obligations are met throughout the year. This includes monthly claims reporting and claims submissions

An Account Assistant whose responsibilities include maintenance of the client’s file.


We play a very direct role in the entire insurance process. We recognize that the objective of the insurance program is not only to get you the best value in coverage and price from a reputable insurer, but also to see to it that your stop-loss program operates smoothly and effectively and that claims are reimbursed accurately and in a timely basis.

We built McPhee & Associates as a service organization first and foremost. There are brokerage firms that may have larger sales forces than we do. But none have a service organization that comes close to ours or that compares in knowledge and experience.

A more detailed Broker’s Services Outline is available on request.

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