About McPhee & Associates

McPhee & Associates, Inc. has been providing stop-loss insurance and reinsurance exclusively since 1983.

The final product for our company is “Satisfied well serviced clients who have been protected from financial loss, who rely on us for their risk needs and who are so satisfied that they will continue to do business with us.”

When we work with a client we look at the overall picture rather than just the immediate view.

While rate is a major consideration, there are other factors that we look at in the interest of our clients.  One is the carrier, do they understand the product line, what type of backup do they have and do we know that they intend to provide the coverage as promised.

Another is the coverage provided.  A low rate can always be given without great coverage.  It is our purpose to make sure that the client is covered for their risk.  A tenet of insurance is protection of a potential unknown loss.  Our goal therefore is to protect the client for their actual risk from a potential loss.

The above works well with our purpose – to provide health care providers with products and service that excels in our industry and to forward and maintain a reputation as the top ethical, professional and service oriented broker in the U.S.

In our company it is not only coverage and rates but service provided to the client that we consider and offer.

Experts and More

Do you know what it is like to work with someone who knows exactly what they are doing?  Have you marveled at how easily and effortlessly they do what can seem daunting, complicated and confusing? This quality of competence, skill and proficiency is admirable and appreciated from one professional to another.

That’s what working with us is like. Provider Stop-Loss/Provider Excess Loss Insurance & HMO Reinsurance are services in which we are experts, no question. This is a type of insurance that we helped establish and wrote the original language for—33 years ago. The staff at McPhee have the combined experience of 80 years.

Our long-term successful relationships with the specialized carriers in the healthcare market are an asset to you in seeking and negotiating any coverage.

We service numerous large and established health plans, health systems, HMOs, medical groups, ACOs, IPAs, hospitals, children’s hospitals, MSOs and PHOs all over the United States.

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