Managed Care Directors and Officers/Employment Practices Liability Application

When you serve on a Board of Directors, have a management position, or even as an employee of an organization, you can be sued for your decisions even when you have done your best for the company. Any party outside the company and any shareholder can claim that your decisions have affected them badly, and they sue. This product is intended to protect you when that happens. Most often, Employment Practices Liability (EPL) protection is included in the D&O coverage (see separate page on EPL).

Summary of Product:

Insurable Costs Include:

  • Legal Fees (for the party being sued and the Company)
  • Damages (may also include Punitive Damages)
  • Settlements

Insurable Events Include:

A. Anti-Competitive Acts (aka Anti-Trust)

  • Unlawful restraint of trade, business or profession
  • Monopolies
  • Price-fixing and price-discrimination
  • Group boycotts
  • Exclusive dealing (selecting certain vendors or providers and excluding others)

B. Shareholder Liability:

  • Violation of SEC Regulations
  • Failure to disclose material information
  • Misuse of funds

C. Mismanagement:

  • Waste or neglect of assets
  • Failure to supervise or manage the organization
  • Fraud or abuse
  • Improper delegation of authority
  • Employment practices

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