Second Largest Health Insurer—cyber attack 80 million records hacked

Feb 12, 2015

The nation’s second largest health insurer, has warned up to 80 million Americans that their health care records could now be in the hands of criminals.

Anthem was one of thousands of health care companies warned twice last year by the FBI that their industry was particularly vulnerable to hackers.

In 2014 there were 42 cyber attacks targeting health providers, compared to just five in 2010. The FBI cited the industry’s “lax cyber security standards” and said they were being targeted for a list of reasons.

The FBI also warned that on the black market, criminals will now pay much more for personal health information, called PHI.

“Credit cards can be say five dollars or more where PHI records can go from 20 say up to—we’ve even seen $60 or $70,” said Jim Trainor, who’s second in command at the FBI’s cyber security division.

The data is so valuable because it can be used to build a strong fake identity or even sold to criminals for insurance and billing scams.

The cost of insurance coverage and breach response is minimal compared to the legal and regulatory costs associated with a massive attack.

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